Music by Composer Adam Berry

Blood Punch
Final DecisionHeaded for TroubleA Dark GiftThe Drive
Penguins of Madagascar
Penguins of Madagascar Main TitleBlowhole Strikes BackNew PlanMutant DisasterSkipper vs. Hans in ShanghaiPenguins on a MissionCalifornia to NYCFour Penguins and an OstrichRenaissance PenguinsChasing SantaIt Ain't Perfect but it's Christmas
The Sarah Silverman Program
Season 3 Main TitleI'm a Man?Sarah Silverman, ManWatermelon and CaviarPancakes PleaseSarah's in Trouble!The Bus StationBrian and Steve at the CemeteryGlad I Hurt My HandIn the Jailhouse NowInterrogationA Time When I Gave UpArcade FantasySarah Silverman Theme
Happy Campers
Same Sleepy TownI Can't Do ThisOn the RoadFather and Daughter ReunionSee You AroundIt Can Be Beautiful
Kim Possible
Scuba SpyCatch Me If You CanIn the GrooveDrakkens LairFighting ShegoGo ShegoKim CapturedLet's RumbleMarching OrdersDog DaysRon's LamentKim Goes it AloneMisson AcceptedS.S.S.Out on a RailBond-ing
American Dragon: Jake Long
Dragon UpJake and Rose BattleDragons at Jones BeachAlley NoiseMean GirlsHelp a Playa OutDisappointmentJake and Rose Love ThemeHaley the Star
The Trouble with Dee Dee
MontageAre You Alright SirGo Baby GoDaddy's Paintings
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
Buzz Lightyear Main TitleSad BuzzGravitinaTransformationBuzz Tames the WestXR Saves the DayZurgFop DopplerGood Buzz Fights Evil BuzzXR and 42 BondZurg's planMaulerThe Zurg MachineBuzz Movie Finale
South Park
ScuzzlebuttScuzzle Country